Toe Shoes and Tutus with a Twist: Les Ballets Trockadero Dances into Key West


Grab your tickets, folks! Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, famously known as "the Trocks," are set to pirouette onto Key West this April 25th. What's the big deal? Picture this: a burly troupe of male dancers decked out in flamboyant tutus and toe shoes, performing pitch-perfect parodies of ballet classics like "Swan Lake." Yes, it’s all the ballet prestige with a playful twist that’ll leave you both awe-struck and in stitches.

Hosted at the Tennessee Williams Theatre at 8 p.m., these dancers aren't just about the laughs. They're professionals who nail every ballet move, striking a fascinating balance between sheer athleticism and slapstick comedy. Since their 1974 debut, the Trocks have danced their way through international dance festivals and TV shows, charming audiences in over 43 countries.

Presented by Key West's own Aquaplex drag and entertainment club, ticket prices range from a reasonable $35 to a premium $145. So, if you’re in the mood for something uniquely entertaining, don’t miss out—check out to snag your spot. Who said ballet couldn’t be fun?