Time Travelers and Tethered Balloons: Unraveling the UFO Mystery Over Fort Jefferson

In the latest episode of "Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Know," Scott C. Waring of ufosightingsdaily.com has kicked up a storm with his report on a supposed UFO fleet hovering over Fort Jefferson in sunny Key West, Florida. Dated February 1, 2024, and spotted on none other than Google Earth, this revelation could have you rethinking your next beach vacation.

Now, before you start picturing Independence Day 2: The Florida Keys, let's dive into what Scott's keen eyes have supposedly uncovered. Among the aerial anomalies, a "white triangle craft" caught on camera was initially suspected of being extraterrestrial Uber for aliens. However, it turns out this could very well be "Fat Albert" – no, not the cartoon character, but the Tethered Aerostat Radar System that's been chilling over Cudjoe Key. This piece of high-flying tech is part of Uncle Sam's toolkit for keeping an eye out for low-flying unwanted guests, mainly of the drug-smuggling variety, and not so much the extraterrestrial tourists.

"Fat Albert" and its balloon buddies float around 15,000 feet in the sky, giving the U.S. Air Force and its federal friends like the DEA and Coast Guard a bird's eye view over potential drug trafficking routes. It's all about homeland security, disaster response, and ensuring your holiday high comes exclusively from the sun and fun of Florida's beaches.

But back to our UFO fleet – or as Scott might have us believe, time-traveling tourists with a penchant for American history. The main craft, spotted emerging from cloud cover above Fort Jefferson, seems to be on a historical pilgrimage. Scott speculates these intergalactic visitors were keen on learning about some of the Civil War prison's most infamous guests, including conspirators in Abraham Lincoln's assassination. It's a leap from historical sightseeing to suggesting these aliens had a hand in Lincoln's demise to alter the course of history, but hey, who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory to spice up their morning coffee?

Scott posits that this advanced white UFO, seemingly leading a squadron over the fort, could be evidence of an underwater alien base off the Florida coast. This base might explain the plethora of UFO sightings and the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Advanced, otherworldly technology, or the U.S. Air Force's latest gadgets on a test run? Scott C. Waring leans towards the former, suggesting that the Triangle's notorious disappearances might just be the side effects of an extraterrestrial energy source.

So, what's the verdict? Are we looking at a case of mistaken identity with "Fat Albert", or is Florida the new hot spot for alien history buffs? While the jury's still out, one thing's for sure: the skies over Key West just got a lot more interesting.

But... the cloud formations seen by fishermen on the same day are interesting

This story originally appeared on AlienLife.Net