Saturday April 27: Beds Race Down Duval for a Cause

Rise and shine, Key West! Saturday, April 27, marks the return of the Conch Republic's most peculiar yet utterly entertaining sporting event: the Blue Ribbon Bed Race. Part of the 42nd annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration, this bed race isn’t just about who can hit snooze the fastest. Instead, teams will huff and puff their wheeled beds down Duval Street, turning heads and hopefully not corners.

What's the Deal? Picture this: teams decked out in the wackiest costumes you can imagine, racing beds (yes, actual beds) down Duval Street. It's all going down between Olivia and Southard streets, with the festivities kicking off at 1 p.m. for registration and bed inspection. The main event? That starts at 3 p.m., so don’t be late.

Not Your Average Bedtime Story Each team, composed of four runners and one lucky rider lounging on the bed, will compete for glory and the coveted first-place, second-place, and people's choice awards. The winners get bragging rights, a shiny trophy, and probably a year’s worth of stories about that one time they raced a bed down a street in Key West.

For a Good Cause All this bedlam serves a greater purpose, supporting the Sister Season Fund. This local charity steps in to help hospitality workers in need due to illness, injury, or other misfortunes, proving that Key West not only knows how to party but also takes care of its own. Teams pony up a $200 entry fee, all for a good cause, and spectators? You get to watch for free.

Why You Can't Miss It Aside from the sheer spectacle, the bed race is a highlight of the Conch Republic Independence Celebration, a 10-day festival commemorating Key West's tongue-in-cheek secession from the U.S. back in 1982. It's history, hilarity, and community spirit, all rolled into one. And if beds on wheels aren't enough to get you down to Duval, remember there’s also a “World’s Longest Parade” and a pirate-themed ball in the mix.

So, whether you're racing, cheering, or just there for the laughs, Saturday’s bed race is where you’ll want to be. Just remember, it’s the most fun you can have in bed with your clothes on – or so they say.

For more details, roll on over to and See you at the finish line!