Key West's Unforgettable Summer Festivities: Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome Concert and the 26th Annual Key West Lobsterfest

Key West is preparing for a remarkable summer bash that promises to engage the senses and produce enduring memories. The city is gearing up to host two of the most anticipated events of the summer: the electrifying concert featuring Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome, followed by the culinary carnival of the 26th Annual Key West Lobsterfest.

Unleashing So Cal Vibes: Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome Concert

On August 9th, the Coffee Butler Amphitheater is set to resound with the eclectic blend of hip-hop, reggae, and rock, as Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome take the stage. The concert is anticipated to create an electric atmosphere that will keep the audience grooving all night. Key West plans to encapsulate the easy-going So Cal ambiance, promising an evening brimming with positive energy and catchy rhythms.

A Culinary Extravaganza: 26th Annual Key West Lobsterfest

After this exhilarating musical experience, the city invites everyone to partake in its gastronomic delights at the 26th Annual Key West Lobsterfest, which will be held from August 10th to August 13th. This event is a tribute to the commencement of the lobster season. Key West is known for hosting the grandest summer bash to honor this event, and this year is expected to follow suit.

The Lobsterfest promises:

  • A wide array of lobster dishes, crafted by the island's top chefs. The festival aims to take visitors on a culinary voyage, whether they relish traditional lobster boils or prefer innovative lobster-infused recipes.
  • A variety of refreshing beverages to complement the lobster feast, ranging from chilled cocktails and ice-cold beers to tropical mocktails.
  • A chance to immerse in the rhythmic melodies of the island's diverse music scene, with multiple venues featuring live music performances throughout the festival.

Exclusive Events and Activities

Aside from the incredible food and music, the Lobsterfest also includes a series of exclusive events and activities.

  • On Thursday, August 10th, attendees can experience the Original Lobster Boil at Caroline's Cafe, set in the historic Porter Mansion courtyard. This unique event gives attendees the opportunity to delve into Key West's rich history while enjoying a traditional lobster boil. Due to the exclusivity of this event, attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets early.

  • On Friday, August 11th, the festivities continue at the Marker Resort, with a pool party that promises to elevate the Lobsterfest experience. With the picturesque backdrop of Key West Harbor, attendees can relish the refreshing waters, soak up the sun, and engage with fellow lobster enthusiasts. The best part? Admission to this event is free.

The 26th Annual Key West Lobsterfest offers an exceptional gastronomic journey, filled with live music, infectious energy, and the celebration of Key West's rich culture. The events beginning with the Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome concert and concluding with the enticing flavors of fresh lobster offer an unparalleled Key West experience. Mark the dates, prepare the palate, and get ready for a summer celebration not to be missed.