Handmade Works by Artisans to Highlight Key West Craft Show

Creative spirits will be showcased in Key West on the weekend of January 28-29. Attendees can explore the work of approximately 100 artisans from both the region and across the country at the 37th Annual Key West Craft Show. The show is free to the public and will take place on lower Whitehead Street and Caroline Street in the Old Town and Truman Annex areas.

The craft show is juried and only features items that are original and handmade. Visitors can expect to find colorful items such as glass and fabric art, jewelry, ceramics, woodcrafts, toys, and more. The show is presented by the Key West Art Center and has been ranked by Sunshine Artist magazine as one of the top 200 shows in the United States.

The proceeds from the show support the programs of the Key West Art Center, as well as maintain their historic 301 Front St. building, which is home to their gallery. This show is a great opportunity for art lovers to explore and experience the work of talented artisans from all over the country.

For more information about the show, please visit the Key West Art Center's website keywestartcenter.com/key-west-craft-show