Get Crafty at the Key West Art and Craft Festival

The weekend of Feb. 24-25, Truman Waterfront Park transforms into an artsy paradise. The Key West Art and Craft Festival, running from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days, promises a free-admission extravaganza of creativity.

Nestled at the water's edge, this spacious new venue will host over 120 artists and crafters from the U.S. and Canada. Think: a kaleidoscope of booths against a backdrop of island city blues. The real catch? It's all happening at the end of Southard Street, beyond Truman Annex.

This open-air fest, a brainchild of the Key West Art Center, is more than just a display. It's a fusion of their January craft and February fine art shows, now bigger and better. “Imagine shopping for incredible art while soaking up those fabulous water views," says Susann D’Antonio, the festival director. "That's the vibe we're going for.”

Quality? Check. The event is juried, ensuring top-notch finds. From watercolors and sculptures to photography and ceramics, it's all there, in every style imaginable. Craft lovers, fear not. There's plenty for you too, with glass, fabric, jewelry, and even toys for the little ones.

And that’s not all. Art demos, food trucks, shaded seating, and pop-up entertainment will keep the family buzzing. Need a lift? There's a shuttle service linking the quay and local hotels, making the trek a breeze.

The best part? This festival isn't just about the art. It's a lifeline for the Key West Art Center, supporting their programs and maintaining their historic gallery on 301 Front St. Ready to dive into this artistic wonderland? Visit for more details. It's time to get crafty, Key West style!