Florida Keys' Conch Republic to Celebrate 40th 'Birthday' April 15-24

The Conch Republic is celebrating its 40th birthday this year with a 10-day festival of fun and games. The Conch Republic is a symbolic nation that was established in 1982 when the Florida Keys seceded from the United States in protest of a Border Patrol blockade. Today, the Conch Republic is known for its eccentric spirit and its annual independence celebration.

This year's festival will feature a drag race for female impersonators, a beach cleanup, a parade, on-the-water adventures, a pirate ball, and the Great Sea Battle of the Conch Republic. There will also be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts, cuisine, and libations of the Conch Republic. On Saturday, the anniversary of the secession, there will be a ceremony hosted by Conch Republic dignitaries and military members.

The festival will conclude on Sunday with a jazz performance, a sailing race, and the closing night of the Conch Republic Musical. This is sure to be a birthday celebration that you won't want to miss!

Event information and complete schedule: conchrepublic.com