Eaton Street Seafood Market

801 Eaton St, Key West, FL 33040

(305) 295-3474


Eaton Street Seafood Market offers a unique dining and shopping experience in the heart of Key West, Florida, where the freshest seafood is always on the menu.

Restaurant Features:

  • Select and savor a variety of fresh fish and seafood cooked to perfection on-site.
  • Relish in the outdoor dining space, boasting the finest views in Key West.
  • Indulge in a menu featuring fish and shrimp sandwiches, stone crab, and grilled lobster tails, among other delicacies.

Fish Market Excellence:

  • Stocked with the freshest locally caught seafood, including grouper, snapper, hogfish, and more.
  • Find your favorite Key West fish, shrimp, conch, or clam to enjoy in-house or take home.
  • Knowledgeable staff ready to offer cooking tips and insights about your chosen seafood.

Nationwide Delivery:

  • Leading online destination for fresh seafood delivery across the country.
  • Fast, reliable service, including overnight shipping for a selection of popular items.
  • Commitment to quality assurance with immediate customer service support.

Key West Pink Shrimp:

  • A highlight of Eaton Street Seafood, these shrimp are a must-try for their sweetness and tender texture.
  • Freshly caught and sustainably harvested, ensuring top-quality and chemical-free seafood.
  • Available for overnight delivery, bringing the essence of Key West to any dinner table.

Local Pride:

  • Proudly serving products caught by independent local fishermen.
  • Celebrated by the New York Times for their exceptional seafood selection.

Experience the best of Key West at Eaton Street Seafood Market, where the catch of the day is always an extraordinary treat. Visit the market at the corner of Eaton and William in historic Old Town, or order online to have the freshest seafood delivered to your door.