Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

400 Wall St, Key West, FL 33040


Sunset Celebration, an enduring arts festival, unfolds every evening on the scenic Mallory Square Dock in Key West, Florida. Frequented by a myriad of arts and crafts exhibitors, street performers, psychics, and food carts, it enjoys the patronage of tourists from around the globe. Held roughly two hours before sunset, it pulls in a diverse crowd who gathers to relish a multicultural spectacle while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. Here are a few noteworthy highlights:

  • Location: Nestled at Mallory Square Dock and Plaza, the festival is situated on the northwest waterfront near the base of Duval Street, the main artery of the old town.
  • Entry fee: There's no entry fee for the festival, but attendees are encouraged to support the local artists, performers, and food vendors by buying their art, indulging in their unique culinary creations, and tipping the performers.
  • Commute: The most recommended modes of transportation to reach the festival are walking and biking due to the costly parking ($4.00 per hour) at Mallory Square. Moreover, on-street parking followed by a walk is preferred over the often congested lot, especially during sunset hours.
  • Compensation for Street Performers: Interestingly, the street performers are not salaried. Instead, they rely solely on tips from the audience, making it a significant gesture for spectators to tip if they appreciate a performance.
  • Timings: The festival commences around two hours prior to sunset and concludes shortly after, happening seven days a week, 365 days a year, weather permitting.

Sunset Celebration offers an experience that both locals and visitors eagerly look forward to, making it a cornerstone of Key West's vibrant cultural and artistic scene.